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A cookie with such a beautiful flavor and texture should be named after something just as beautiful, "butterfly cookies". Picture two wings of soft and buttery cookie wrapping themselves around a bed of the freshest fruit filling and dusted with just the right amount of powdered sugar. The only thing you have left to do is taste them. 

Each order equals one pound of cookies.


How many cookies come in each order?

An "order" of cookies is equal to one pound (1 lbs). The number of cookies per pound can vary because each type is of different size and shape, but generally you will receive between 14-18 cookies per order. 

Do you have a retail storefront?

ItalianCookieStore.com, is a web based company and does not have a retail storefront. Our bakery is housed in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where we bake, pick, pack, and ship our product nationwide.

How do you ship your cookies?

Our cookies ship via USPS Priority Mail, and you also have the option to use various FedEx services where it makes sense for larger orders.

How are the cookies packaged?

Each order of cookies comes in a cardboard tray with candy pads on top and bottom, and is vacuum sealed for protection and freshness during shipping. Our main priority is delivering you the best product (not crumbled or stale).

Do you have a return policy?

Our products are perishable and therefore we do not accept returns. However, we do have our ItalianCookieStore.com, satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the product, service, or any aspect of your experience with us -- we will correct the matter, or provide a full refund if required. Our first priority is your satisfaction.

Do you ship on weekends?

We do not ship on weekends, or on Monday. Our shipping days are between Tuesday and Friday. Lead time is 1-2 business days upon receiving order, and orders placed after 2:00 PM EST on Friday will not ship until Tuesday of the following week.

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