My grandparents Guido and Rachael Lispi, the true inspiration behind They lived a life dedicated to family, friends, and to establishing a sense of pride in everything they did. No matter how simple or daunting a task, Guido and Rachael approached it with an understanding and overarching sense of calm. This, I found, was a result of their attention to detail and to their love of people. These qualities have resonated with me, and have been the foundation of the products we produce. Our vision is to provide not only a great product, but a great experience -- just as they did with me and my family, many holidays over, sitting at grandma's table baking, and remembering what truly matters in life.

Lee R. Lispi
Founder & Chief Cookie Officer

Quality, was founded on the simple premise of wanting to provide traditional Italian cookies, year-round, and across the United States. Our love for the cookies and the moments they help create speak to a larger goal, one that ensures people connect with more than technology -- they connect with each other. As we all witness a decline in quality of products and in certain cases, life experiences, we seek to aid in restoring the tradition of hard work and doing things right; not just of cutting corners to save cost or to focus on profit alone. We are a business, but we are a business who cares about our customers, and our dedication is towards doing something we love while providing a service and experience you can trust and appreciate.


Our model is anything but traditional, yet the products we produce are just that. produces all of our products in Northeastern Pennsylvania via a private bakery model -- only selling direct online, and not directly via a storefront. Although we have plans to open our own retail facility in the future, our goal right now is to focus on providing you the best quality product, year-round, and across the country. That being said, we have the capacity to meet any demand, and will continue to make our product in the United States, with the Italian tradition behind it.