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Mother's Day Cookie Treats: Show Her Your Love

There is no question about how special a mother is to her family. Mother's Day is an official day to celebrate the wonderful mother you have, and it occurs the second Sunday of May. In Italy, Mother's Day is celebrated by fathers who bring flowers to their wives and by school-aged children who write poetry about how special their mother is them. Older children may bring presents and poetry. The idea is to show your appreciation to the woman who not only gave you life, but nurtures and cares for you. It's not uncommon that Mother's Day becomes about all of the mothers in your family including your nonna or if you are blessed, your bisnonna too. 

Flowers are beautiful, and they mean a lot to moms and wives. Poetry is also a precious gift that mom can tuck away and keep forever. If you'd like to expand on tradition then consider including something special that lightens her day like the decadent beauty and taste of Italian Cookies. Cookies make the perfect gift because she can share them with grandchildren, friends, or savor them alone at her leisure.  

Stay at home moms work non-stop to keep the house, create meals, and raise her family. Tucked into her day are little moments where she sits down to rest, make a shopping list or visit with friends. Those are the little moments that matter. Improve them with the delicate taste of Italian cookies, such as butterfly cookies. Cookies are perfect for enjoying a moment with friends or sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. 

If your mom works, you can improve her day too. Give her a gift that puts a smile on her face. Italian cookies are perfect for a midday treat, a snack in her lunch, or to enjoy after dinner with a scoop of ice cream. Plus, because there is more than one cookie, she can enjoy your thoughtfulness for weeks. Cookies offer a variety of ways to add joy to your mom's day, plus they freeze well so she can enjoy her Mother's Day gift every day. Here are a few ideas to help you create a delicious treat that your mom will love. 

Help Her Embrace the Little Moments

Little moments are what turn a regular day into a lovely day. Anisette Cookies enable lovely days. The mild anise flavoring of these cake-like cookies is delightful with a cup of coffee. The icing and sprinkles add charm. These make wonderful additions to tea time, as an accompaniment for dessert, or just to hide away for quiet times. 

Butterfly Cookies are a little bit of heaven. The light cookie dough folds over fresh fruit filling to create a delectable and elegant treat that may require a second cookie. These cookies pair well with other desserts for after dinner treats, such as ice cream. They also work well in the morning with coffee or tea. The fruit filling is delicious and pleasingly offsets the sweetness of the powdered sugar. 

Sharing is Caring

Moms love to share so empower your mom by sharing the good stuff with her. Coconut Macaroons are wonderful for sharing. She can share them with her friends over coffee, or tuck them into a lunch sack as a treat for lunch. The moist, sweetness of these cookies is amazing. If you want an instant smile, try a macaroon!  

Snowball Cookies are another cookie that is perfect for sharing. The sweet taste of almonds makes is not only delicious, but it pairs nicely with coffee or tea. Traditionally, these are a Christmas cookie, but their great taste has made them a favorite all year long. 

Either a macaroon or a snowball cookie makes the perfect "little" indulgent. If you want to say thank you for all of those little things that moms do for us, these Italian cookies are the perfect way to convey that message. 

Create a Tradition

While Mother's Day is just around the corner, this is a perfect time for boyfriends and husbands to begin a special tradition. Take some time to show your appreciation even if the women in your life is not a mother. It does not matter the reason create a tradition of love and respect by spoiling her now and then. In Italy, the mother is the glue that holds a family together. She is the one who helps the form the bonds between every member of the family. Even in the modern Italian home, the mom is the center and authority of all things domestic. Italian food is an example of the love and skill that it takes to be a mom in Italy. Authentic Italian food is wonderful and when you sit down to a home-cooked meal what you discover is that every bite you take is crafted with love. Celebrate the women in your life with a little bit of Italy. 

Butter Cookies may well be the incarnation of a mother's love. These delightful little cookies are made using buttercream. They are comforting, and you cannot just eat one of them. If you want to induce a smile, then surprise your lady with butter cookies. If she loves chocolate than opt for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. The reward you receive when your lady is happy is beyond sugar! 

Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies are both traditional cookies. These are perfect little snacks on their own, or you can get creative and make little ice cream sandwiches with them. Either or both, she will love the surprise and that thoughtfulness that you provide. 

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